Reise is the first skincare brand that’s 100% rice inside and out

In the past, Taiwanese women used water from rinsing rice for skin care. Rice bran is rich in essential nutrients, including minerals, vitamins, proteins, natural fiber, amino acid, and niacin. These nutrients boost the skin’s renewal rate, provide intense hydration, and inhibits the formation of melanin. Also, rice bran acts as a soothing agent for sensitive skin, strengthening the skin and providing a protective shield against UV rays and urban pollution. Rice bran’s natural formulation is easily absorbed, and brings exquisite smoothness, refinement, and luminosity.

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Explore products from UKVIAT

Care for your skin, care for the planet. UKVIAT offers effective skincare products that give back more than they take from the planet. The ingredients used are natural, carefully researched and responsibly sourced from land and sea.

At least 2% of the revenue from each of the products is transferred to environmental organisations to act together and fund a concrete cause. By choosing UKVIAT you are securing high-quality skincare for yourself, but also a better future for our planet.

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FUN!ETHIC says it all with its name

FUN!ETHIC offers top quality beauty treasures. Their treatments are natural, certified organic and not tested on animals.

Formulations of the products are exemplary: the brand goes well beyond the specifications of cosmetics by banishing all controversial substances. FUN!ETHIC is Ecocert and Peta certified, Cosmebio label and winners of the Slow Cosmetics mention.

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