vielö is a multi-award-winning, sustainable (circular production) and genuinely organic (not just natural) skincare alternative for design lovers. vielö stands for “the best of both worlds”, uncompromising organic quality married with a minimalist design and lifestyle. All vielö products are locally produced, certified organic and sustainably made, based on refined liquid organic whey. Thanks to the skin-friendly whey, all vielö products are super gentle and nourishing, making them also particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin. We never use controversial and/or disputed ingredients such as sulphates which are still widespread even amongst the so-called natural skincare industry. vielö products never dry out the skin instead they nourish the skin in a natural way. No controversial ingredients, no greenwashing, no misleading instead authentic skin and body care of the highest organic quality and for people who simply expect more from a brand than just a nice label.

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